OpenFabric, specified in draft-white-openfabric-06.txt, is a routing protocol derived from IS-IS, providing link-state routing with efficient flooding for topologies like spine-leaf networks.

FRR implements OpenFabric in a daemon called fabricd

Configuring fabricd

There are no fabricd specific options. Common options can be specified (Common Invocation Options) to fabricd. fabricd needs to acquire interface information from zebra in order to function. Therefore zebra must be running before invoking fabricd. Also, if zebra is restarted then fabricd must be too.

Like other daemons, fabricd configuration is done in an OpenFabric specific configuration file fabricd.conf.

OpenFabric router

To enable the OpenFabric routing protocol, an OpenFabric router needs to be created in the configuration:

router openfabric WORD
no router openfabric WORD

Enable or disable the OpenFabric process by specifying the OpenFabric domain with ‘WORD’.

net XX.XXXX. ... .XXX.XX
no net XX.XXXX. ... .XXX.XX

Set/Unset network entity title (NET) provided in ISO format.

domain-password [clear | md5] <password>
no domain-password

Configure the authentication password for a domain, as clear text or md5 one.

no log-adjacency-changes

Log changes in adjacency state.

no set-overload-bit

Set overload bit to avoid any transit traffic.

no purge-originator

Enable or disable RFC 6232 purge originator identification.

fabric-tier (0-14)
no fabric-tier

Configure a static tier number to advertise as location in the fabric

OpenFabric Timer

lsp-gen-interval (1-120)
no lsp-gen-interval

Set minimum interval in seconds between regenerating same LSP.

lsp-refresh-interval (1-65235)
no lsp-refresh-interval

Set LSP refresh interval in seconds.

max-lsp-lifetime (360-65535)
no max-lsp-lifetime

Set LSP maximum LSP lifetime in seconds.

spf-interval (1-120)
no spf-interval

Set minimum interval between consecutive SPF calculations in seconds.

OpenFabric interface

ip router openfabric WORD
no ip router openfabric WORD
Activate OpenFabric on this interface. Note that the name of OpenFabric instance must be the same as the one used to configure the routing process (see command router openfabric WORD).
openfabric csnp-interval (1-600)
no openfabric csnp-interval

Set CSNP interval in seconds.

openfabric hello-interval (1-600)
no openfabric hello-interval

Set Hello interval in seconds.

openfabric hello-multiplier (2-100)
no openfabric hello-multiplier

Set multiplier for Hello holding time.

openfabric metric (0-16777215)
no openfabric metric

Set interface metric value.

openfabric passive
no openfabric passive

Configure the passive mode for this interface.

openfabric password [clear | md5] <password>
no openfabric password

Configure the authentication password (clear or encoded text) for the interface.

openfabric psnp-interval (1-120)
no openfabric psnp-interval

Set PSNP interval in seconds.

Showing OpenFabric information

show openfabric summary

Show summary information about OpenFabric.

show openfabric hostname

Show which hostnames are associated with which OpenFabric system ids.

show openfabric interface
show openfabric interface detail
show openfabric interface <interface name>

Show state and configuration of specified OpenFabric interface, or all interfaces if no interface is given with or without details.

show openfabric neighbor
show openfabric neighbor <System Id>
show openfabric neighbor detail

Show state and information of specified OpenFabric neighbor, or all neighbors if no system id is given with or without details.

show openfabric database
show openfabric database [detail]
show openfabric database <LSP id> [detail]
show openfabric database detail <LSP id>

Show the OpenFabric database globally, for a specific LSP id without or with details.

show openfabric topology

Show calculated OpenFabric paths and associated topology information.

Debugging OpenFabric

debug openfabric adj-packets
no debug openfabric adj-packets

OpenFabric Adjacency related packets.

debug openfabric checksum-errors
no debug openfabric checksum-errors

OpenFabric LSP checksum errors.

debug openfabric events
no debug openfabric events

OpenFabric Events.

debug openfabric local-updates
no debug openfabric local-updates

OpenFabric local update packets.

debug openfabric lsp-gen
no debug openfabric lsp-gen

Generation of own LSPs.

debug openfabric lsp-sched
no debug openfabric lsp-sched

Debug scheduling of generation of own LSPs.

debug openfabric packet-dump
no debug openfabric packet-dump

OpenFabric packet dump.

debug openfabric protocol-errors
no debug openfabric protocol-errors

OpenFabric LSP protocol errors.

debug openfabric route-events
no debug openfabric route-events

OpenFabric Route related events.

debug openfabric snp-packets
no debug openfabric snp-packets

OpenFabric CSNP/PSNP packets.

debug openfabric spf-events
debug openfabric spf-statistics
debug openfabric spf-triggers
no debug openfabric spf-events
no debug openfabric spf-statistics
no debug openfabric spf-triggers

OpenFabric Shortest Path First Events, Timing and Statistic Data and triggering events.

debug openfabric update-packets
no debug openfabric update-packets

Update related packets.

show debugging openfabric

Print which OpenFabric debug levels are active.

OpenFabric configuration example

A simple example:

interface lo
 ip address
 ip router openfabric 1
 ipv6 address 2001:db8::1/128
 ipv6 router openfabric 1
interface eth0
 ip router openfabric 1
 ipv6 router openfabric 1
interface eth1
 ip router openfabric 1
 ipv6 router openfabric 1
router openfabric 1
 net 49.0000.0000.0001.00