NetBSD 7

NetBSD 7 restrictions:

  • MPLS is not supported on NetBSD. MPLS requires a Linux Kernel (4.5 or higher). LDP can be built, but may have limited use without MPLS

Install required packages

sudo pkgin install git autoconf automake libtool gmake gawk openssl \
   pkg-config json-c python27 py27-test python35 py-sphinx

Install SSL Root Certificates (for git https access):

sudo pkgin install mozilla-rootcerts
sudo touch /etc/openssl/openssl.cnf
sudo mozilla-rootcerts install

Select default Python and py.test

sudo ln -s /usr/pkg/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python
sudo ln -s /usr/pkg/bin/py.test-2.7 /usr/bin/py.test

The libyang library can be installed from third-party packages available here.

Note: the libyang dev/devel packages need to be installed in addition to the libyang core package in order to build FRR successfully.

For example, for CentOS 7.x:

sudo rpm -i libyang-0.16.46-0.x86_64.rpm libyang-devel-0.16.46-0.x86_64.rpm

or Ubuntu 18.04:

sudo apt install libpcre3-dev
sudo dpkg -i libyang-dev_0.16.46_amd64.deb libyang_0.16.46_amd64.deb

Alternatively, libyang can be built and installed manually by following the steps below:

git clone
cd libyang
git checkout -b tmp origin/tmp
mkdir build; cd build
sudo make install

When building libyang on CentOS 6, it’s also necessary to pass the -DENABLE_CACHE=OFF parameter to cmake.

Note: please check the libyang build requirements first.

Get FRR, compile it and install it (from Git)

Add frr groups and user

sudo groupadd -g 92 frr
sudo groupadd -g 93 frrvty
sudo useradd -g 92 -u 92 -G frrvty -c "FRR suite" \
    -d /nonexistent -s /sbin/nologin frr

Download Source, configure and compile it

(You may prefer different options on configure statement. These are just an example)

git clone frr
cd frr
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/pkg/lib -R/usr/pkg/lib"
export CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/pkg/include"
./configure \
    --sysconfdir=/usr/pkg/etc/frr \
    --enable-exampledir=/usr/pkg/share/examples/frr \
    --enable-pkgsrcrcdir=/usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d \
    --localstatedir=/var/run/frr \
    --enable-multipath=64 \
    --enable-user=frr \
    --enable-group=frr \
    --enable-vty-group=frrvty \
    --enable-configfile-mask=0640 \
    --enable-logfile-mask=0640 \
    --enable-fpm \
    --with-pkg-git-version \
gmake check
sudo gmake install

Create empty FRR configuration files

sudo mkdir /usr/pkg/etc/frr
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/zebra.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/bgpd.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/ospfd.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/ospf6d.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/isisd.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/ripd.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/ripngd.conf
sudo touch /usr/pkg/etc/frr/pimd.conf
sudo chown -R frr:frr /usr/pkg/etc/frr
sudo touch /usr/local/etc/frr/vtysh.conf
sudo chown frr:frrvty /usr/pkg/etc/frr/*.conf
sudo chmod 640 /usr/pkg/etc/frr/*.conf

Enable IP & IPv6 forwarding

Add the following lines to the end of /etc/sysctl.conf:

# Routing: We need to forward packets

Reboot or use sysctl to apply the same config to the running system

Install rc.d init files

cp pkgsrc/*.sh /etc/rc.d/
chmod 555 /etc/rc.d/*.sh

Enable FRR processes

(Enable the required processes only)

echo "zebra=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "bgpd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "ospfd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "ospf6d=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "isisd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "ripngd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "ripd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo "pimd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf