Reporting Bugs

This file describes the procedure for reporting FRRouting bugs. You are asked to follow this format when submitting bug reports.

Bugs submitted with woefully incomplete information will receive little attention and are likely to be closed. If you hit a suspected bug in an older version, you may be asked to test with a later version in your environment.

Often you may be asked for additional information to help solve the bug. Bugs may be closed after 30 days of non-response to requests to reconfirm or supply additional information.

Please report bugs on the project GitHub issue tracker at

Report Format & Requested Information

When reporting a bug, please provide the following information.

  1. Your FRR version if it is a release build, or the commit hash if you built from source.

  2. If you compiled from source, please provide your ./configure line, including all option flags.

  3. A full list of the FRR daemons you run.

  4. Your platform name and version, e.g. Ubuntu 18.04.

  5. Problem description.

    • Provide as much information as possible.

    • Copy and paste relevant commands and their output to describe your network setup.

    • Topology diagrams are helpful when reporting bugs involving more than one box.

    • Platform routing tables and interface configurations are useful if you are reporting a routing issue.

    Please be sure to review the provided information and censor any sensitive material.

  6. All FRR configuration files you use. Again, please be sure to censor any sensitive information. For sensitive v4 / v6 addresses, we ask that you censor the inner octets; e.g., 192.XXX.XXX.32/24.

  7. If you are reporting a crash and have a core file, please supply a stack trace using GDB:

    $ gdb exec_file core_file
      (gdb) bt .
  8. Run all FRR daemons with full debugging on and send only the portion of logs which are relevant to your problem.

  9. Patches, workarounds, and fixes are always welcome.