The Diffusing Update ALgorithm, a Bellman-Ford based routing algorithm used by EIGRP.

EIGRP – Routing Information Protocol is widely deployed interior gateway routing protocol. EIGRP was developed in the 1990’s. EIGRP is a distance-vector protocol and is based on the DUAL algorithms. As a distance-vector protocol, the EIGRP router send updates to its neighbors as networks change, thus allowing the convergence to a known topology.

eigrpd supports EIGRP as described in RFC7868

Starting and Stopping eigrpd

The default configuration file name of eigrpd’s is eigrpd.conf. When invocation eigrpd searches directory /etc/frr. If eigrpd.conf is not there next search current directory. If an integrated config is specified configuration is written into frr.conf.

The EIGRP protocol requires interface information maintained by zebra daemon. So running zebra is mandatory to run eigrpd. Thus minimum sequence for running EIGRP is:

# zebra -d
# eigrpd -d

Please note that zebra must be invoked before eigrpd.

To stop eigrpd, please use:

kill `cat /var/run/frr/eigrpd.pid`

Certain signals have special meanings to eigrpd.




Rotate the log file


Sweep all installed EIGRP routes and gracefully terminate

eigrpd invocation options. Common options that can be specified (Common Invocation Options).

EIGRP Configuration

router eigrp (1-65535) [vrf NAME]

The router eigrp command is necessary to enable EIGRP. To disable EIGRP, use the no router eigrp (1-65535) command. EIGRP must be enabled before carrying out any of the EIGRP commands. Specify vrf NAME if you want eigrp to work within the specified vrf.

network NETWORK

Set the EIGRP enable interface by network. The interfaces which have addresses matching with network are enabled.

This group of commands either enables or disables EIGRP interfaces between certain numbers of a specified network address. For example, if the network for is EIGRP enabled, this would result in all the addresses from to being enabled for EIGRP. The no network command will disable EIGRP for the specified network.

Below is very simple EIGRP configuration. Interface eth0 and interface which address match to are EIGRP enabled.

router eigrp 1
passive-interface (IFNAME|default)

This command sets the specified interface to passive mode. On passive mode interface, all receiving packets are ignored and eigrpd does not send either multicast or unicast EIGRP packets except to EIGRP neighbors specified with neighbor command. The interface may be specified as default to make eigrpd default to passive on all interfaces.

The default is to be passive on all interfaces.

How to Announce EIGRP route

Redistribute routes into EIGRP:

redistribute <babel|bgp|connected|isis|kernel|openfabric|ospf|rip|sharp|static|table> [metric (1-4294967295) (0-4294967295) (0-255) (1-255) (1-65535)]

The redistribute family of commands imports routing information from other sources into EIGRP’s tables. Redistribution may be disabled with the no form of the commands.

Note that connected routes on interfaces EIGRP is enabled on are announced by default.

Optionally, various EIGRP metrics may be specified. These metrics will be applied to the imported routes.

Show EIGRP Information

show ip eigrp [vrf NAME] topology

Display current EIGRP status.

eigrpd> **show ip eigrp topology**
# show ip eigrp topo

EIGRP Topology Table for AS(4)/ID(

Codes: P - Passive, A - Active, U - Update, Q - Query, R - Reply
       r - reply Status, s - sia Status

P, 1 successors, FD is 256256, serno: 0
       via Connected, enp0s3
show ip eigrp [vrf NAME] interface

Display the list of interfaces associated with a particular eigrp instance.

show ip eigrp [vrf NAME] neighbor

Display the list of neighbors that have been established within a particular eigrp instance.

EIGRP Debug Commands

Debug for EIGRP protocol.

debug eigrp packets

Debug eigrp packets

debug eigrp will show EIGRP packets that are sent and received.

debug eigrp transmit

Debug eigrp transmit events

debug eigrp transmit will display detailed information about the EIGRP transmit events.

show debugging eigrp

Display eigrpd’s debugging option.

show debugging eigrp will show all information currently set for eigrpd debug.

Sample configuration

hostname eigrpd
password zebra
enable password please-set-at-here
router eigrp 4453
log stdout