Nexthop Groups

Nexthop groups are a way to encapsulate ECMP information together. It’s a listing of ECMP nexthops used to forward packets.

nexthop-group NAME

Create a nexthop-group with an associated NAME. This will put you into a sub-mode where you can specify individual nexthops. To exit this mode type exit or end as per normal conventions for leaving a sub-mode.

Create a v4 or v6 nexthop. All normal rules for creating nexthops that you are used to are allowed here. The syntax was intentionally kept the same as creating nexthops as you would for static routes.

resilient buckets (1-256) idle-timer (1-4294967295) unbalanced-timer (1-4294967295)

Create a resilient Nexthop Group with the specified number of buckets, and associated timers. Instead of using the normal kernel hashing methodology this specifies that X buckets will be created for the nexthop group and when a nexthop is lost the buckets forwarding that particular nexthop will be automatically re-assigned. This cli command must be the first command entered currently. Additionally this command only works with linux 5.19 kernels or newer.