Alpine Linux 3.7+

For building Alpine Linux dev packages, we use docker.

Install docker 17.05 or later

Depending on your host, there are different ways of installing docker. Refer to the documentation here for instructions on how to install a free version of docker:

Pre-built packages and docker images

The master branch of has a continuous delivery of docker images to docker hub at: These images have the frr packages in /pkgs/apk and have the frr package pre-installed. To copy Alpine packages out of these images:

id=`docker create ajones17/frr:latest`
docker cp ${id}:/pkgs _some_directory_
docker rm $id

To run the frr daemons (see below for how to configure them):

docker run -it --rm --name frr ajones17/frr:latest
docker exec -it frr /bin/sh

Work with sources

git clone frr
cd frr

Build apk packages


This will put the apk packages in:



To create a base image with the frr packages installed:

docker build --rm -f docker/alpine/Dockerfile -t frr:latest .

Or, if you don’t have a git checkout of the sources, you can build a base image directly off the github account:

docker build --rm -f docker/alpine/Dockerfile -t frr:latest \

And to run the image:

docker run -it --rm --name frr frr:latest

In the default configuration, none of the frr daemons will be running. To configure the daemons, exec into the container and edit the configuration files or mount a volume with configuration files into the container on startup. To configure by hand:

docker exec -it frr /bin/sh
vi /etc/frr/daemons
/etc/init.d/frr start

Or, to configure the daemons using /etc/frr from a host volume, put the config files in, say, ./docker/etc and bind mount that into the container:

docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`/docker/etc:/etc/frr frr:latest

We can also build the base image directly from docker-compose, with a docker-compose.yml file like this one:

version: '2.2'

         dockerfile: docker/alpine/Dockerfile